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What is open banking?

Open Banking was created by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority and enables you to share your basic 'Bank Account Information' with other third party credit providers who will analyse and consolidate that information as part of their underwriting process.

Only regulated third party providers will be able to provide these Open Banking services.

How to connect

Step One
  • Follow the secure link to the Open Banking Portal
  • Choose your Business Bank Account
Step Two
  • View our access capabilities
Step Three
  • Confirm the information we can access
    • Your account details:
      Simple Account Number and Sort Code
    • Your regular payments:
      So we can understand your regular outgoings
    • Your account transactions:
      So we can verify your income and outgoings
Step Four
  • Connect to Your Bank
    • Log in as normal
    • Your Bank will ask you to review the same information Think Business Finance has just asked to see, confirm you are happy
    • We'll see you back here with your connected bank account

How secure is it?

Can Think Move my Money?
  • Payments can not be made from your account and no money will be moved by Think. We only need to see your information
The Banks
  • Your Bank has created a secure method for customers to connect their data to services like ours. We use the method that your bank has created to connect to your account via a highly regulated journey that is authorised by the FCA
Government Regulated Tech
  • All the banking data within Think Business Finance is encrypted. The connection to your bank is powered by OpenWrks, a trading name of Business Finance Technology Group which is regulated by the FCA and registered by the FCA and registered with the ICO
What If I Change My Mind?
  • You are always in control and can stop us seeing your information at any time
  • Connection to your bank account will automatically end in 3 months

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